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Presentations at IDS meetings (IDS workshops and Analysis Working Group meetings)

Status reports of the Analysis Center

2016.05 GRG status report (Hugues Capdeville)
2015.10 GRG status report (Hugues Capdeville)
2013.10 Plans for delivery schedule from CNES/CLS (Laurent Soudarin)
2013.04 LCA Analysis Center Updates (Laurent Soudarin)
2012.05 LCA Analysis Center Report (Laurent Soudarin)
2011.05 CNES/CLS Analysis Center Status Report (Laurent Soudarin, Hugues Capdeville, Philippe Schaeffer, Jean-Michel Lemoine)
2010.10 Current activity at CNES/CLS DORIS analysis Center (L. Soudarin, H. Capdeville, J.-M. Lemoine) - Abstract
2010.05 LCA report: 2009 Processing, Future Plans (L. Soudarin)
2009.03 CNES/CLS report (Laurent Soudarin)
2008.11 CNES/CLS analysis center : status report (L. Soudarin, H. Capdeville, J.M. Lemoine, J.F. Crétaux) - Abstract
2006.03 LEGOS/CLS Analysis Center: Status and Plans (L. Soudarin)
2004.05 Recent DORIS analysis at LEGOS/CLS analysis center (L. Soudarin, J.-F. Crétaux)
2000.05 Participation of LEGOS-GRGS and CLS as an Analysis Center in the future IDS (L. Soudarin) - Abstract

Modeling the SAA effect

2016.10 Impact of the South Atlantic Anomaly effect on the position station estimation of the last DORIS satellites (Hugues Capdeville)
2016.05 Are the Jason-2 and Jason-3 USO sensitive to the SAA? (Hugues Capdeville)
2015.05 Testing of SPOT-5 SAA data corrective model using long time data series (Petr Stepanek and Hugues Capdeville)
2014.10 Possible improvement of the SAA JASON-1 corrective model by the use of the maps of energetic particles obtained by the dosimeter CARMEN onboard of JASON-2 Hugues Capdeville (CLS), Jean-Michel Lemoine (CNES)
2013.04 SAA corrective model for Jason-1 and for Spot-5 (Hugues Capdeville)
2012.09 Update of the SAA corrective model for Jason-1 DORIS data and discussion about a SAA corrective model for Spot5 H. Capdeville (CLS)
2012.05 Update of the SAA corrective model for Jason-1 (Jean-Michel Lemoine)
2008.03 Update of SAA model (Jean-Michel Lemoine)
2006.03 Positioning results with the SAA corrective model for Jason DORIS data (L. Soudarin) - Abstract
2004.05 Analysis of DORIS frequency on-board Jason (J.-M. Lemoine, H. Capdeville)

Preparation of ITRF2014

2016.05 Evaluation of TRF: Comparison of DPOD2008, ITRF2014 and DTRF2014 (Hugues Capdeville)
2015.10 ITRF2014P Evaluation at GRG (Hugues Capdeville)
2015.05 Feedback on the ITRF2014 reprocessing from GRG (Hugues Capdeville)
2014.10 Reprocessing from CNES/CLS IDS Analysis Center for the contribution to the ITRF2013 Hugues Capdeville (CLS), Laurent Soudarin (CLS), Jean-Michel Lemoine (CNES), Philippe Schaeffer (CLS)
2014.03 ITRF2013 reprocessing status from LCA (Hugues Capdeville)
2013.10 ITRF2013 status from CNES/CLS (Laurent Soudarin)

DORIS/RINEX processing

2016.10 Which datation method for DORIS-RINEX data (Jean-Michel Lemoine)
2016.05 RINEX data processing (Jean-Michel Lemoine)
2015.10 Explanation of the difference in rms residuals between DORIS2.2 and RINEX-PANDOR data (Richard Biancale on behalf of Jean-Michel Lemoine)
2015.05 DORIS RINEX data processing at CNES/CLS AC (Jean-Michel Lemoine and Hugues Capdeville)
2014.10 Use of DORIS RINEX Doppler measurement with the GINS software Laurent Soudarin (CLS), Hugues Capdeville (CLS), Jean-Michel Lemoine (CNES), Philippe Schaeffer (CLS)
2008.11 GINS software evolutions for the Jason-2 data processing: RINEX and DORIS 2.2 formats (L. Soudarin, H. Capdeville, J.M. Lemoine, H.M. Pau, B. Nhun Fat) - Abstract

Modeling the tropospheric delay

2010.10 Adaptive mapping functions (P. Gegout, R. Biancale, L. Soudarin) - Abstract
2008.11 An approach to obtain a tropospheric mapping function based on ECMWF models (L. Soudarin, R. Biancale, S. Dupuy) - Abstract
2008.06 GINS Tropospheric Models (Laurent Soudarin)
2004.05 Modeling the DORIS tropospheric corrections with the help of ECMWF models (L. Soudarin, H. Capdeville, R. Biancale)

Data processing

2016.12 Impact of the low elevation measurements on the DORIS scale factor and on the station position estimation (Hugues Capdeville and Jean-Michel Lemoine)
2016.10 Impact of the low elevation measurements on the DORIS scale factor (Hugues Capdeville)
2013.10 LCA Cryosat-2 macromodel tests (Laurent Soudarin) + model assessments (AWG telecons 2013)
2012.09 DORIS positioning : performance assessment from the last data processing at CNES/CLS Analysis Center L. Soudarin (CLS)
2012.06 New radio frequency characterization of the STAREC antennas - Application in DORIS data processing (L. Soudarin)
2009.03 Jason-2 POD Results CNES/CLS (Laurent Soudarin)
2008.06 SPOT-5 Update (Laurent Soudarin, Gilles Tavernier)
2008.06 LCA Downweighting Law (Laurent Soudarin)
2008.06 Low Elevation Data,History (Laurent Soudarin)
2008.06 Low Elevation Data, Orbits Results (Laurent Soudarin)
2008.06 Low Elevation Data, Positioning Results (Laurent Soudarin)
2008.06 USO WarmUp Period
(Laurent Soudarin)
2008.03 Testing of DPOD2005 (Laurent Soudarin)
2008.03 Tests on Inclusion of Jason-1 in Combination (Laurent Soudarin)
2008.03 Model and Analysis Standards at LEGOS/CLS-GRGS (Laurent Soudarin)
2003.02 Contribution of the new satellites to the positioning performances (L. Soudarin, J.F. Crétaux, J.J. Valette)
2002.06 Analyse of the ancillary results obtained from the DORIS data processing with the GINS/DYNAMO software (L. Soudarin, G. Béziat) - Abstract


2011.05 Multi-technique combination for Earth Orientation (Jean-Yves Richard, Daniel Gambis, Christian Bizouard, Richard Biancale, Géraldine Bourda, Florent Deleflie, Sylvain Loyer, Laurent Soudarin)
2010.10 Preliminary results of the correlation between T2L2 and DORIS, on Jason (P. Exertier, L. Soudarin, H. Capdeville, C. Tourain, C. Jayles) - Abstract
2010.05 LCA ITRF2008P Validation (L. Soudarin)
2006.03 A model of present-day plate motions from the DORIS system (L. Soudarin) - Abstract
2002.06 Plate motions from Doris data (D. Argus, L. Soudarin, J.F. Crétaux) - Abstract

Other presentations


Capdeville H. et al., Precise Orbit Determination by CNES/CLS (LCA) IDS Analysis Center in the framework of ITRF2013. OSTST meeting, Konstanz, Germany, October 2014

Gerasimenko M.D., Kolomiets A.G., Kasahara M., Crétaux J.-F., Soudarin L., Establishment of a global three-dimensional kinematic reference frame using VLBI and DORIS data. FEMJ, 2005, Volume 6, Number 1-2, 3–13

Soudarin L., J.F. Crétaux, J.J. Valette, A. Cazenave, 9-year Monitoring Of The DORIS Sites 3-D Motions. EGS Nice, France, 25-29 March 2002

Modeling of the SAA effect

Capdeville H., Lemoine J.-M., Hecker L., Update of the South-Atlantic Anomaly corrective model for JASON-1 DORIS data using the maps of energetic particles from the CARMEN dosimeter onboard JASON-2. EGU meeting, Vienna, April 2015 (Poster); OSTST meeting, Reston, October 2015 ( Slides) ( Abstract)


Capdeville, H.; Štepánek, P.; Hecker, L.; Lemoine, J.M., in press. Update of the corrective model for Jason-1 DORIS data in relation to the South Atlantic Anomaly and a corrective model for SPOT-5, ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH, DOI: 10.1016/j.asr.2016.02.009

Lemoine, J.M.; Capdeville, H.; Soudarin, L., in press. Precise orbit determination and station position estimation using DORIS RINEX data, ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH, DOI: 10.1016/j.asr.2016.06.024

Moreaux, G.; Lemoine, F.G.; Argus, D.F.; Santamaría-Gómez, A.; Willis, P.; Soudarin, L.; Gravelle, M.; Ferrage, P., in press. Horizontal and vertical velocities derived from the IDS contribution to ITRF2014, and comparisons with geophysical models, GEOPHYSICAL JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL, DOI: 10.1093/gji/ggw265

Moreaux, G.; Lemoine, F.G.; Capdeville, H.; Kuzin, S.; Otten, M.; Štepánek, P.; Willis, P.; Ferrage, P., in press. The International DORIS Service contribution to the 2014 realization of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame, ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH, DOI: 10.1016/j.asr.2015.12.021

Soudarin, L.; Capdeville, H.; Lemoine, J.-M., in press. Activity of the CNES/CLS Analysis Center for the IDS contribution to ITRF2014, ADVANCES IN SPACE RESEARCH, DOI: 10.1016/j.asr.2016.08.006

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2014 - Camille DESJARDINS. Modélisation de la propagation troposphérique des signaux de systèmes de positionnement par satellites : un tour d'Horizon (in French)